The Most Important Ride of Rebecca Rusch’s Life

The Most Important Ride of Rebecca Rusch’s Life

Bigfan Bikes makes you burning your calories at the same time enjoying picturesque landscapes and good company. You will feel yourself better than when sitting in the office all day long, and you won’t regret that once you’ve ridden your bike!

Those who want to be fit, who want to travel and to save money – three-in-one – Bigfan is the best idea! Grab your friends – and you’ll get a wonderful company and amazing impressions!

Your rides will take you outdoors to rarely explored scenery. You’ll quickly appreciate this more than spending time beneath the artificial glow of gym lights or staring monotonously at the swimming pool floor.


Bigfan bikes are probably the most convenient workout equipment. You don’t need to drive anywhere to start exercising, you can simply pedal from home. You can either ride around your block, go to the local park or plan a long journey. You don’t need gas to ride, and at the same time you help to save the ecology.


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